is a non-profit organisation established 1989 in Amstelveen.
The intention of its founding members was to create a club
that would help to introduce its members to the Dutch culture and
with various activities, help to stay in touch with the local people.

In 2000 a special activity was organised to commemorate
the 400th anniversary of
the “The Netherlands – Japan Friendship Treaty”.
JWC donated 400 cherry trees to the local communities.
These trees were planted in the Amsterdamse Bos.
This location is now named the Blossom Park.
More cherry trees were also planted
in the Museumplein, near van Gogh Museum,
and along the Deshima Street in Amstelveen.

Presently, JWC offers two activities:
“Nihongo Kaiwa”
(Having Japanese conversation with those studying Japanese)
and “Origami Workshop”.
The first is our longest ongoing volunteer activity.

If you are interested in finding out more about JWC, please contact 


2000年には日蘭友好 400 周年を記念して『』を寄贈
ボス公園(アムステルダム)に 400 本
ゴッホ美術館(アムステルダム)入口横に 60 本
セントラム緑地公園(アムステルフェーン)に 60 本


どうぞお氣軽に jwcholland.org@gmail.com までお問い合わせください。

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